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What if your team members were healthier and happier?

Through virtual and in-person keynotes, workshops, and experiences, highly-rated wellness speaker Dr. Michelle May introduces your audiences to…

The Vibrant Well-Being Triad

  • Mindful Eating
  • Joyful Movement
  • Intentional Self-Care

Michelle May M.D., CSP

Founder & CEO Am I Hungry? Mindful Eating Programs and Training
Award-winning Author ‘Eat What You Love Love What You Eat’ Book Series


The nurse practitioners from across the state of Maine were captivated by Dr. Michelle May and her message about nutrition, health, and self-care. And the thought-provoking discussions continued throughout the conference! We have never had a keynote speaker with such great reviews, positive comments, and so many requests to return. She is an engaging and gifted speaker with an important message for health care providers across this country.

Bethany Jarvis, F.N.P.-C
Maine Nurse Practitioner Association

A vibrant life comes from the inside out.

Everyone craves a personal and professional life they feel enthusiastic about. They want to feel happy and healthy, energetic and productive.
Recognizing that employees at the top of their game are good for business, many organizations invest in wellness initiatives that promise improved well-being but fall short of expectations. As a result, despite millions of dollars invested in employee wellness, people experience temporary changes followed by a retreat back to habitual patterns that disrupt their well-being and performance.
The missing piece is why people make the choices they do.

There is a better way.

Health and wellness speaker Dr. Michelle May shows your teams how to harness the power of the Vibrant Well-Being triad: mindful eating, joyful movement, and intentional self-care.

Meet Health & Wellness Speaker Michelle May MD

Michelle May, M.D., CSP (Certified Speaking Professional), empowers audiences to take charge of their lives and their well-being. Her authenticity and passion for mindful eating and vibrant living stem from her own personal struggle with food and body image. After years of ineffective yo-yo dieting, she developed a mindful, non-diet approach to food, movement, and self-care.

With personal experience and professional expertise, Michelle inspires new thinking and leaves your audience with a clear path for implementing vibrant well-being in their personal and professional lives.

Michelle founded Am I Hungry?® Mindful Eating Programs and Training in 1999 to share this compassionate, constructive, and life-changing approach through health and wellness professionals, corporate wellness programs, and community-based programs. 

Am I Hungry? Mindful Eating Programs are available through hundreds of licensed Am I Hungry? facilitators, coaches, therapists, and instructors worldwide.

Dr. Michelle May is the award-winning author of the book series, Eat What You Love, Love What You Eat, that teaches mindful eating for yo-yo dieting, diabetes, binge eating disorder, bariatric surgery, and students.
Dr. May is an Associate Professor at Arizona State University where she teaches Mindful Eating. She is a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP), the highest earned designation from the National Speakers Association.

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Dr. Michelle May’s proven strategy for a mindful approach to lifestyle behaviors aligns well with our hospital system’s vision of “health care to health.” Dr. May translates science into everyday practices that can improve health with prevention, health protection, and throughout the care continuum for patients, clients, and populations.

Colette Thompson, Director
UCHealth Community Health Improvement Department

Michelle Inspires

As a highly-rated health and wellness keynote speaker, Michelle delivers her crucial and timely message with energy, humor, and insight.

Whether delivering a Mindful Eating experiential workshop for 65 or an inspirational keynote for 6500, her positive and authentic “been there” approach connects with her audiences and transforms how they view well-being, eating, and living.

Engaging, interactive virtual and
in-person presentations for:

  • Corporate, association, and women’s organizations interested in promoting optimal well-being using engaging, positive, and practical strategies.
  • Meaningful, memorable community events by local health systems to activate community members to make mindful, balanced, sustainable lifestyle choices.
  • Health and wellness professionals who want to move beyond advice-giving to address the core drivers of their patients’ and clients’ decisions around self-care.

Topic 1

The Vibrant Employee

The Vibrant Well-Being Triad

Vibrant organizations consist of vibrant individuals who are confident in their ability to take charge of their choices. As a result, they are focused, energetic, calm, and resilient. Vibrant employees create consistently better outcomes at work and in life.

Your audience will leave with:

  •  Optimism about their ability to recognize and change habitual, ineffective lifestyle patterns.
  •  The capacity to eat mindfully, move joyfully, and build a self-care buffer zone.
  •  Mindful decision-making skills for achieving professional and personal fulfillment.

Topic 2

Mindful Eating

How to Eat What You Love
and Love What You Eat

Add this experiential workshop to a keynote

Decades of yo-yo dieting have left us feeling guilty, disappointed, and less healthy. This interactive, entertaining keynote turns the old fashioned “eat less, exercise more,” paradigm on its head. Using humor, personal anecdotes, and uncommon insight, Michelle inspires your audience to fuel the vibrant life they crave. 

This keynote may include a mindful bite of chocolate or a guided mindful eating experience.

Your audience will leave with:

  • Confidence in a mindful approach to break the “eat-repent-repeat cycle.”
  • The ability to fearlessly balance eating for nourishment with eating for enjoyment – without deprivation or guilt.
  • Six simple, yet powerful strategies for knowing when, what, and how much to eat without rigid, unsustainable rules.

Topic 3

Mindful Well-Being

One intention, one choice, one step at a time

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When people think of “health,” most think about physical health. However, optimal health includes the well-being of your body, mind, heart, and spirit. Enhancing your well-being increases your focus, energy, and resilience, making it possible to live the big, vibrant life you crave.

Your audience will leave with:

  • Enthusiasm for building their body, mind, heart, and spirit self-care buffer zone.
  • The skills to set meaningful intentions and make micro-movements for consistent progress in their well-being.
  • Specific strategies for creating more resilience, joy, and gratitude in their lives.

Topic 4

From Weight to Well-Being

Making the Shift from Weight-Centered to Weight-Inclusive Care

For healthcare & corporate wellness teams

The goal of patient care and wellness programs is improved health and well-being. However, the current dominant weight-centered paradigm has been shown to be not only ineffective, but harmful. Shifting to weight-inclusive approach encourages optimal care and well-being for individuals along the entire weight spectrum.

In this keynote customized for your audience, Dr. Michelle May will review the evidence and explore specific strategies for supporting the shift to a weight-inclusive approach.

Your audience will leave with:

  • An evidence-based understanding of the weight-neutral approach to health.
  • The ability to describe the three most common outcomes of weight loss efforts: Weight cycling, disordered eating, and weight stigma.
  • A plan for a weight-neutral approach to well-being, including creating a safe workplace and healthcare environment, overcoming weight bias in prevention, diagnosis and treatment, and providing effective weight-neutral counseling on behavior change.

Eat What You Love
Love What You Eat

By Michelle May MD

Called the antidote to ineffective dieting, Eat What You Love, Love What You Eat is a rare prescription for optimal health of the body, mind, heart, and spirit. After twenty years of yo-yo dieting, physician Michelle May discovered a peaceful, joyful relationship with food. Now Dr. May will show you how to resolve mindless and emotional eating and break free from your eat-repent-repeat cycle.

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