When people learn how to take charge of their health, they take charge of their lives.
- Michelle May, M.D.

Mindful Eating, Nutrition & Fitness Workshops, Cooking Demos

Love What You Eat: Mindful Eating ExperienceMichelle May MD Workshops

Description: During this memorable one to two hour immersion experience, participants learn to apply conscious eating strategies while Dr. May guides them through an enjoyable mindful meal. They'll learn new mindful eating strategies and reinforce them immediately for maximum impact and retention. This session will nourish the body, mind, heart, and spirit. (Continuing education credits available.)

Your audience will learn:

  • How to differentiate physical hunger and head hunger
  • How to use self-awareness to make the perfect food choice every time
  • How to eat mindfully for more pleasure with less food

"I loved seeing all of our physicians and guest so entertained and engaged in the learning process. I believe they will more effectively transfer your key healthy lifestyle message to their patients because they experienced the power of it for themselves." - Maryland Academy of Family Physicians

Nourish: Eat What You Love

Description: Nutrition information is often tainted with confusing, rigid, and sometimes arbitrary rules. Using an "all foods fit" approach, Dr. May demystifies nutrition using real life application for the clinician and consumer alike. Great over a healthy breakfast or lunch; Dr. May will help you select the perfect menu to reinforce this important message. (Continuing education credits available.) 

Your audience will learn:

  • How to thrive, not deprive
  • How to balance eating for nourishment with eating for enjoyment
  • How to savor their health and inspire their palate

Physical Activity: The Best Prescription for Health

Description: Get motivated to initiate and sustain a safe, effective and enjoyable exercise program. When geared toward health care professionals, participants will also learn how to engage in patient-centered conversations and write a fitness prescription to prevent and treat many chronic diseases. This program is especially effective when participants are offered opportunities to engage in structured walks, yoga, or other exercise sessions during the conference. (Continuing education credits available.) 

Your audience will learn:

  • How to engage in a safe, effective and enjoyable exercise program starting today
  • How to overcome their barriers to becoming more physically active
  • How to write their own personalized FITTness prescription for better health

Counter Intelligence: Healthy Cooking Demo Doctor Michelle May with Chef Owen May

Description: Enjoy a healthful cooking demo and tasting with Dr. May and her husband, professional spa chef, Owen. This duo demonstrates the perfect combination of nutritious and delicious. Perfect for health fairs, exhibit halls, and expos - sure to draw a crowd! Customized recipe booklets are also available.

"Michelle and Owen May were a perfect fit for our conference. With Michelle's medical knowledge and Owen's culinary expertise, the attendees received healthy eating for themselves, as well as their families, coupled with a live cooking demonstration. Michelle and Owen received high marks from the conference attendees." - AgCarolina Farm Credit

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